Travel like an Explorer !


The dictionary meaning of the world ‘Travel’ is to move from one place to another….How strange that such a simple word holds such a special meaning to travelers all over the world….

Traveling fills our life with such richness – ‘richness of the soul’, something that money can’t buy although it can facilitate it  🙂

Some of the most magical moments in my life are from my travels. Looking back at some wonderful memory from some trip or some of my travel pics or maybe looking at a souvenir from a trip always fills me with joy, puts a wide smile on my face !. . .

I feel in today’s world people are so busy climbing up the ladder and just trying to get past each day filled with strenuous chores that we forget to live . . . We get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget to take a break .We forget that nourishing our mind, our soul is important as well . .

Traveling means much more than just taking a packaged tour- a trip scheduled by travel agents, a plan that includes only famous attractions which are mostly just purely commercialized POI’s (Points of Interest) filled with tourists, staying in hotels which are located in touristy areas and are more commercial than cultural

Packaged tours do not allow you to experience the real essence of a place. If you truly wan t to explore then plan your trip yourself! Book your own tickets, stay in more than one hotel during your stay (preferably in less touristy but safe areas) and schedule your sightseeing’s according to your own interests based on the review of other travelers . . .

Become a traveler, a wanderer, an explorer rather than just a tourist!  . . . It doesn’t matter if its an expensive trip or a budget trip . . . its the traveling, the experience that counts!

Traveling helps you find yourself. It helps you know what you are made of . . .No trip is perfect , there will always be misadventures and interesting situations . . . and it’s at times like these that you find your strengths and weaknesses, that you explore yourself. It’s at times like these that your compatibility with your partner is tested. .  .

Travel with your family! Travel with your partner! Travel with your besties! Travel by yourself!

Witnessing & experiencing different cultures, interacting with people from different places, experimenting with different cuisines, viewing the wonders of nature in all their glory , witnessing man made awe-inspiring creations . . . How can one ever tire of traveling !!! ❤ ❤ ❤

So Go! Go out there, seek the world . . . seek yourself!